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  • Handwoven Persian Mahal Sultanabad Rug

    Mahal Sultanabad 1478

    10’ x 12’ 10”    This Mahal/Sultanabad carpet from the late 1800s comes in an allover design pattern. The field in a brick red color with geometric designs throughout.  The corners are in antique white color which adds to...

  • Handwoven American Rag Runner

    Rag Runner 1681

    3’ x 13' 4”    This American Rag Runner is in stripe design and has a very modern design format and can be incorporated into any modern interior design project. This American Rag Runner has a straw color field and two sets of...

  • Handwoven Persian Heriz Runner

    Heriz Karajeh 1340

    3’ 5” x 13’ 10”    The Heriz Karajeh from NW Persia comes in a red field with a number of medallions in beautiful colors. The geometric design in this carpet renders it well with the modern design formats...

  • Handwoven Shahsavan Tribal Kilim

    Shahsavan Kilim 1423

    4’ 10” x 8’ 8”    Astonishingly beautiful ultra-modern design.  Shahsavan Kilims are some of the most desirable and collectible kilims in the world. The design and the use of the colors in these kilims are so modern...

  • Handwoven Turkish Kilim

    Anatolian kilim 1145

    4’ 11" x 13’    An Anatolian Kilim from the early 1900s.  This kilim has bright and beautiful colors in large design make this a unique Kilim from the Eastern Anatolian region by the Armenian weavers in the early part of the...

  • Handwoven Persian Malayer Rug

    Malayer 1066

    2’ 5” x 2’ 9”    An extremely fine weaved Malayer rug in a square shape.  The rug comes with allover paisley design placed in a red field and framed by a blue border. The irregular shapes and forms of the paisleys...

  • Handwoven American Rag Rug

    Rag Rug 1597

    4' 7" x 6’ 10”    The beautiful American Rag flat weave rug is from the early 1900s. The rug is formed of a series of bands in natural earth tones very similar to Scandinavian kilims from the late 1800s.  The rag runner...

  • Handwoven Persian Malayer Rug

    Malayer 1185

    2’ 3” x 9’ 2”    This handmade Persian runner has a combination of floral and geometric design consisting of six diamond forms and a floral design in the center of each.  The background of the runner is in a robin's...

  • Handwoven Moroccan Kilim

    Moroccan kilim 1139

    4’ 6” x 8’    A beautiful large size tribal Moroccan Kilim rug from the Atlas mountains in Morocco.   Hand weaved by tribal women with traditional motives. It is an extremely fine weave and in beautiful condition...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Shirvan Rug

    Shirvan 1529

    3′ 10″ x 6′ 9″    A beautiful Shirvan Caucasian Kazak rug in a repeated floral pattern.  The design is set in a dark blue abrash color field with geometric designs in rows throughout.  There is a red band on...

  • Handwoven Navajo rug

    Southwestern Kilim 1151

    3' x 5' 4”    This Southwestern Kilim is in geometric designs and natural earth tone colors can be used as the wall hanging or as a floor covering.  The Southwestern Kilim has a traditional geometric design. Dimensions:  3' x...

  • Handwoven Persian Tabriz Runner

    Tabriz 1186

    2’ 8” x 18’ 8”    This runner is from the city of Tabriz in NW Persia. It has a simple open design with a border in brown and yellow design. The carpet represents the essence of the “Red Carpet”...

  • Handwoven Persian Rug

    Kurdish 1163

    2’ 1” x 4’ 2”    Kurdish rug with a series of diamond forms in the field each with a different design and color combination on an abrash blue color field and a cream color border.  The Kurdish rug has a geometric...

  • Handwoven Navajo Rug

    Navajo 1627

    1' 10" x 2' 10"    The beautiful Navajo rug from the Southwest Area of America.  The Navajo rug has a striped design in the natural gray and pumpkin colors. Dimensions:  1' 10" x 2' 10" Date of Manufacture:  3rd Quarter of the...

  • Handwoven Kurdish Saddlebag

    Kurdish Saddle Blanket 1057

    4’ 4” x 5’ 6”    The antique Horse Saddle blankets are becoming extremely collectible and are now used as wall tapestry for display. The beautiful horse cover from Kurdistan has a cream color field and a combination of...

  • Kerman 1080, 11’ 7“ x 16’ 1”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman 1080

    11’ 7“ x 16’ 1”  The oversize vintage Persian Kerman carpet has a very soft and beautiful center medallion in a pale green color field. The Kerman rug has a wide border with a floral design and bouquets in brilliant colors of...

  • Handwoven Turkish Kazak Oversize Rug

    Turkish Kazak 1315

    10’ 6” x 22’ 2”    The Turkish Kazak rug has an allover design and was woven in the early 1900s.  The field has a beautiful light teal color with geometric design shapes in red, green, blue, ivory, and pink colors...

  • Handwoven Persian Malayer Area Rug

    Malayer 1047

    4’ 6” x 6’ 1”    A Persian Malayer area rug from the early 20th century.  The rugs from the Malayer area are renowned for their variety in design, and artisan village weaver's workmanship.  This beautiful...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Soumak Area Rug

    Caucasian Soumak 1645

    5′ 4″ x 6′ 8″   A late 1800s Caucasian Soumak from the Southern Caucasus region consists of a collection of three main medallions. The vegetable dyes used in this Caucasian Soumak have developed beautiful hues in this...

  • Handmade Persian Kalamkar

    Persian Kalamkar Textile 1403

    The beautiful Persian Kalamkar (Qalamkar or Ghalamkar) woodblock print textile is from the great city of Isfahan. This is done 100% by hand with different designs on each block.  Each design is put in the ink and then applied to the textile. Once...