Tapestries, Textiles & Pillows

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  • Handwoven African Textile and custom frame

    African Handmade Framed Textile 1454

    43″ x 5.5″ x .25″    This African Framed Textile is a beautiful piece of flat woven kilim textile with natural dye colors which is mounted on a handmade metal frame.  The African Framed Textile is a piece of village art...

  • Handmade American Silk Quilt

    American Silk Quilt 1364

    54” x 64”    This beautiful American Silk Quilt was made in the late 1800s from the New England area. The design in this American Silk Quilt is known as "Log Cabin" pattern in a Barn Raising setting. Dimensions:  54” x...

    MSRP: $2,500.00
  • Aubusson Tapestry Pillows 1439, 10” x 10” x 5" to 15” x 23” x 5", Early 1700s, France, The Persian Knot

    Aubusson Tapestry Pillows 1439

    10” x 10” x 5" to 15” x 23” x 5"    The collection includes six pillows in different sizes made of Aubusson tapestries that were woven in the early to mid-1700s in France. The Aubusson Tapestry Pillow Collection brings...

  • The Persian Knot, Caucasian Soumak Horse Blanket 1059, 3’ 9” x 7’ 2”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s, NW Persia

    Caucasian Horse Blanket 1149

    3’ 9” x 7’ 2”    The Shirvan Soumak kilim which is made into a horse cover has beautiful and colorful designs throughout in brilliant colors.  It is great as a wall hanging to showcase the mastery of color and...

  • Coverlet 1581

    Coverlet 1581

    6' 9" x 7' 2"     A beautiful Pennsylvania American Coverlet from the 1840s.  The American Coverlet has the design of the weaver "Elizabeth Yohe" weaved in the corner of the coverlet. Dimensions:  6' 9" x 7' 2" Date of...

    MSRP: $1,500.00
  • American Coverlet

    Coverlet 1584

    6' 2" x 6' 8"      A beautiful Pennsylvania American Coverlet from the 1840s.  The American Coverlet has a unique design and wonderful colors and is a collectable item. Dimensions:  6' 2" x 6' 8" Date of Manufacture:  2nd...

    MSRP: $1,500.00
  • Handwoven Silk Tapestry

    Embroidered Table Runner 1374

    10.5″ x 90″   Beautiful section of a silk embroidered panel with gold thread from early 1700s Europe. After 300 years, the panel has still beautiful and brilliant colors and the gold threads shin under the right light. Beautiful...

  • Floor Cushion Pillow 1169, 25” x 26” x 5", 3rd Quarter of the 1900s, NW Persia

    Floor Cushion Pillow 1169

    25” x 26” x 5"    A large floor cushion pillow made from vintage Persian handwoven Kilim with a beautiful design. The floor cushion pillow has beautiful stripes in bright and beautiful colors made possible by the use of the...

    MSRP: $900.00
  • Floor Cushions (A Pair) 1211

    Floor Cushions (A Pair) 1211

    25” x 36" x 5" (each)     A pair of large floor cushions from Kashan, Persia.  The rugs used to make the cushions were custom-made by a special commission to one of the best rug weavers in the city of Kashan, Persia, in the 3rd...

  • Handwoven Kashmiri Pieced Shawl from the 1700s

    Kashmiri "Pieced" Shawl 1507

    6’ x 6’ 3”      This is an antique textile from the Kashmir region of northwest India from the late 1700s. It is a very rare "Pieced Shawl" which is hand sewed pieced Kashmiri shawl. It is made of antique textile pieces...

  • Handwoven Kashmiri Shawl

    Kashmiri (Paisley) Shawl 1251

    5’ 4” x 10’ 9″    This 19th-century wool shawl of traditional boteh (paisley in Persian) design surrounding a central medallion in white color and with multiple borders is a wonderful textile and can be used as a table...

    MSRP: $900.00
  • Handwoven Kashmiri Shawl

    Kashmiri Shawl 1375

    5′ x 10′      The Kashmiri Shawl was made based on the design and concept of Kashmiri shawls from NW India. The Kashmiri Shawl became extremely popular during the region of Queen Victoria in the 1800s.  This is a beautiful...

  • Handwoven Persian Kerman Textile

    Kerman Embroidered Suzani 1255

    3' x 3' 3″        The distinctive Persian Kerman Suzani (Termeh embroidery in Persian) comes from the ancient city of Kerman in Persia.  The Embroidered Textile piece is from the mid-1800s and is in wonderful condition...

  • Handwoven Kilim Pillow

    Kilim Pillow 1173

    13” x 17” x 5"     Southwest design kilim pillow Dimensions:  13” x 17” x 5" Date of Manufacture:  20th Century Place of Origin:  American Material:  Wool pile on cotton foundation...

  • Kurdish Bagface 1840, 2’ 2” x 2’ 3”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, NW Persia

    Kurdish Bagface 1840

    2’ 2” x 2’ 3”    The Kurdish bag face from NW Persia was woven by the tribes in the late 1800s. It could have been either the face of a saddlebag or the side panels for a mafrash (large bag). It has kilim weaving and the...

  • The Persian Knot, Kurdish Soumak Horse Blanket 1057, 4’ 4” x 5’ 6”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s, NW Persian.

    Kurdish Saddle Blanket 1057

    4’ 4” x 5’ 6”    The antique Horse Saddle blankets are becoming extremely collectible and are now used as wall tapestries for display. The beautiful horse cover from the Kurdistan area of Persia has a cream color field...

  • Handwoven South American Rug

    Latin American Pictorial Rug 1651

    3' 9" x 5' 2″     Handmade South American Handmade Pictorial Rug. This beautiful artwork that shows the rows of deity forms in natural earth tone vibrant colors. Dimensions:  3' 9" x 5' 2″ Date of Manufacture:  3rd...

    MSRP: $1,200.00
  • Native American Bead Art

    Native American Beadwork 1603

    12" x 15" x 1.5"      The Native American Art Collection is more than a dozen individual pieces of individually made bead artwork of necklaces and bracelets mounted in a display box.  This beautiful collection of Native American Bead...

    MSRP: $1,500.00
  • A Navajo rug

    Navajo 1628

    1' x 5' 3"    The beautiful Navajo rug from the Southwest Area of America has a very unique design of birds woven into a stripes pattern.  The Navajo rug has been adapted to be wall art and is ready to be displayed on the wall or as a...

    MSRP: $1,200.00
  • Handwoven Navajo Pictorial Rug

    Navajo Pictorial 1654

    1' 2" x 2' 5"       This Navajo pictorial rug with the design of birds form.  This beautiful Navajo rug would be ideal as a wall hanging art. Dimensions:  1' 2" x 2' 5" Date of Manufacture:  3rd Quarter of the 1900s...