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At the Persian Knot Gallery, we have a curated collection of fine hand-knotted rugs that were artistically created from the mid to late 1800s to the mid-1900s.    Each item in the collection was carefully selected for its authenticity, quality of material and organic vegetable dyes, artistry in design, and fine weaving workmanship.  They were created with minimal impact on the environment nearly a century ago or more.  They can be passed down from one generation of family to the next and to the next again, if cared for and maintained. 


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Shopping Experience at the Persian Knot Gallery

"This place has an amazing collection of rugs and tapestries from the world over. Many are true antiques and treasures, and all are stunning works of art there is something here for every decorating style and taste you can imagine! "


"The shopping experience itself is a pleasure as the owner wants to be certain you are not only satisfied but overjoyed with your purchase. There are no high-pressure sales tactics and he will take all the time you need to be sure you have found just the right piece that will bring you pleasure for years to come." 


"The product pages have so much details, great photos and a video that you can complete the whole process of the selection and purchase of a rug from the comfort of your home or office"


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Shopping and Purchasing Online

Each item in the collection has a full description, specifications, multiple photos, and a short video.  Our clients from around the country have told us that having the complete collection online makes shopping easy and the experience wonderful.


We are committed to the earth’s environment and its sustainability. Since return shipping would add to the climate impact, we would like to minimize any need for returns.  To accomplish this, we encourage our clients to contact us and ask for more information, photos and videos before purchasing an item so when they receive it they are totally delighted with their purchase.  This does not in any way affect your rights under our terms and conditions to return items - but may help the planet.


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Caring for Your Fine Rugs

We provide a number of rug related services to help our clients maintain the vintage rugs they have acquired from us. The vintage rugs in our collection were produced over 75 to 100 years ago and can be used for another 100 years if washed and maintained regularly. We believe it’s a win-win approach: enjoy the beauty of an artisan handwoven rug whose quality and workmanship will provide use and joy for generations. 


Gina K. (December, 2021): "I had a rug cleaned here and it looked better than when I bought it! Wonderful job and great customer service. The selection of rugs at this store are stunning. Beautiful pieces with all different sizes and price points. I highly recommend."


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We recommend you review our catalog and identify items that meet your requirements.  Please note the Product SKU Number if you would like to make inquiries about that item.