About Us


Our Roots

The roots of The Persian Knot gallery go back to the great ancient Carpet Bazaars of the Orient.  This is a multigenerational business!  The love and appreciation of fine hand-woven rugs were sown in me by my parents.  The gallery is their legacy and the family members before them and I honor their memory every day by carrying on their business/client traditions.

Our Collection

We believe the rug should be the foundation and the centerpiece in a room's interior design plan.  This places the rug as a piece of art, not unlike a fine painting or a sculpture. 

We have assembled a collection of the finest handwoven rugs created in the past two centuries from around the world.    These rugs have quality material, artistic design, and fine workmanship and will be enjoyed for generations.

Our Dedication

At The Persian Knot Gallery, we are dedicated to preserving artisan handwoven rugs by assisting our clients to maintain the fine pieces that they have acquired from us

 The rugs in our collection were produced over a century ago and have a zero carbon footprint and can be used for another 100 years if washed and maintained regularly with minimal climate and environmental impact. 

 We believe it’s a win-win approach: enjoy the beauty of an artisan handwoven rug whose quality and workmanship will provide use and joy for generations while reducing the negative impact on the climate.