Navajo 1656

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1' 8" x 1' 9"     

Vintage Native American Navajo rug is in a geometric pattern with earth tone colors from the mid the 1900s.   The rug is a very fine weave and extremely lushes and soft wool.  The rug has a geometric design in brilliant colors of wheat, brown, pale yellow, and orange.  It would be a great piece to be displayed on the table or used as a wall art.   

 Navajo weavers use mostly natural organic dyes that are available around their tribal land although they also use synthetic dyes that cannot be produced with vegetable dyes.  Although the rug can be used on the floor or displayed on a table, it would bring a wonderful design if displayed on the wall.  The Navajo rugs are often used as tapestry wall art.

Navajo rugs are generally flat woven with wool for the body of the rug and usually cotton foundation.  Navajo weavers use natural organic dyes that are available around their tribal land.  The Navajo rugs have geometric designs and the design and symbols have religious and cultural meanings. 

Dimensions:  1' 8" x 1' 9"
Date of Manufacture:  2nd Quarter of the 1900s
Place of Origin:  SW United States
Material:  Wool on a cotton foundation with natural dyes
Condition:  Excellent

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