Rejoice in Color and Patina

Rejoice in Color and Patina

Posted by The Persian Knot Gallery on Dec 26th 2021

We were overjoyed to read the article in Wall Street Journal on December 23, 2021, titled "IMPERFECTIONISTS, REJOICE". The article goes on to describe what people are tired of “pure white and pristine”, they are carving for a “timeworn and cozy feel”.

The article quotes an antique dealer in NY stating that: “...his customers are looking for—a “timeworn and cozy feel.” Sleek, mass-made items and chilly finishes like glass are being ghosted. Instead, people are gravitating toward handmade finishes, plantlike paint colors, and friendly architectural curves. “We are dying for warmth, coziness, and colors that make us feel grounded,” said Los Angeles designer Peti Lau, who observes cool tones’ fading fast. Here, the incoming trends that were highlighted most often by the hundreds of designers we polled—as well as those they believe are bowing out.

At the Persian Knot Gallery, we believe the rug should be the foundation and the centerpiece in a room's interior design plan. This places the rug as a piece of art, not unlike a fine painting or a sculpture.  We have assembled a collection of the finest handwoven rugs created in the past two centuries from around the world. 

We are also trying to reduce our negative impact on the environment. We do this by helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint by maintaining the rugs that they buy from us.  As our rugs were produced over 75 to 100 years ago and can be used for another 100 years if washed and maintained regularly.