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Please note the product SKU number if you would like to make inquiries about that item. 


Please note the product SKU number if you would like to make inquiries about that item. 

  • Vintage African American Crazy Quilt in Red, Brown, Gray, Pale Green,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2079

    African American Quilt 2079

    77.5” x 77.5”  Hand pieced and embroidered African American crazy quilt circa the early 1900s.   The quilt contains 25 blocks set 5x5, about 13" square mostly in rectangular and trapezoidal shapes of beautiful wool material in red,...

  • Vintage Oversized Chinese Peking in Tan, Navy, French Blue, Ivory,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2078

    Chinese Peking 2078

    10’ 10” x 14" 4”       19th century Oversized Chinese Peking in a tan, navy blue and French blue colors. The rug has a beautiful tan color field background with the primary border in navy blue and the secondary border in...

  • Vintage Oval Shaped Art Deco Chinese Rug in Green, Tan, Pink,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2077

    Art Deco Chinese 2077

    3’ x 5’ 3”     Beautiful oval shaped Art Deco Chinese rug from the early 1900s with a green background and a border in tan with designs in pink and yellow.   Dimensions: 3’ x 5’ 3” Date of...

  • Vintage Hand Embroidered Crib Quilt in Lone Star Pattern in Purple, Blue, Ivory, Red, @thepersianknot, SKU 2076

    Quilt 2076

    35” x 35”      Charming vintage hand embroidered crib quilt in Lone Star pattern in purple, blue, ivory, red and pink from the mid 1900s.   The quilt has hand stitched loops on top for hanging rod for displaying the...

  • Vintage Persian Malayer in All Over Paisley Pattern in Burgundy, Ivory, Blue, Green, Ivory, The Persian Knot, SKU 2074

    Malayer 2074

    4' 3" x 6' 6"    Vintage Persian Malayer area rug in an all over paisley pattern set on a dark red or burgundy background with an ivory color border.  The corner spandrels are in ivory with wonderful designs of birds.   There are...

  • Vintage Persian Tabriz in Allover Paisley Pattern in Pale Green, Yellow, Gray, Red, The Persian Knot, SKU 2027

    Tabriz 2027

    4’ 7” x 6’ 1”    Graceful and understatedly beauty is clearly visible in this fine weave vintage Persian Tabriz area rug in an all over paisley pattern from the early 1900s.  The Tabriz rug has a wonderful and very...

  • Vintage Persian Qashqai Tribal Area Rug in Rust, Ivory, Royal Blue, Yellow, @thepersianknot , SKU 2029

    Qashqai 2029

    4' 4" x 6’ 2”      Beautiful Persian Qashqai tribal carpet from the early 1900s.  A triple medallion design in royal blue and yellow colors set in a dark red or burgundy color background covering most of the center of the...

  • 19th Century Persian Kerman Lavar in Floral Pattern in Ivory, Red, Pale Yellow, Navy, Blue, The Persian Knot, SKU 2001

    Kerman Lavar 2001

    4’ 8” x 7’ 9”     Truly a masterpiece of design and colors!  Beautiful Kerman Lavar rug with a central medallion with a large format floral design from the late 1800s. The main field is in an ivory color with a...

  • Vintage Room Size Square Persian Hamadan in Red, French Blue, Green, Pink,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2072

    Hamadan 2072

    9’ 5” x 9’ 5”    Very rare room size square Persian Hamadan from the mid 1900s in beautiful bright and cheerful colors.  The field color is a brilliant red with the border and the central medallion in abrash indigo...

  • Vintage Afghan Silk Rug in Geometric Medallion Pattern in Ivory, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black, The Persian Knot, SKU 2071

    Afghan Silk 2071

    5’ 5” x 8’ 8”      Vintage hand-knotted all silk rug with a silk pile on a silk foundation circa the 4th quarter of the 1900s in a dark green and ivory colors. The rug is in a geometric medallion pattern with an...

    Was: $6,900.00
    Now: $4,900.00
  • Vintage Persian Kashan Area Rug in Red, Navy, Blue, Ivory, Green,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2073

    Kashan 2073

    2’ 6” x 4’ 10”      Vintage Persian Kashan area rug in a classic medallion floral pattern from the mid 1900s. The rug comes in a beautiful rich red color field with a central medallion and a dark blue border. The...

  • Vintage American Rag Rug in Pale Blue with  Stripe Pattern in Red, White, Blue, Green, @thepersianknot ,SKU 2070

    American Rag Rug 2070

    4’ 6” x 6’ 6” (54” x 78”)        Vintage American rag area rug from the early 1900s in a multicolor stripe pattern.  Simple but beautiful design (a Amish and Shaker concept) of using old...

  • Vintage American Braided Round Rug in Red, Blue, White, Green, Pink, Tan,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2069

    Braided Round Rug 2069

    44” x 44”    Vintage American Braided Round area rug in blue, red, ivory, green from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s in Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Gray colors.  The rug is a best example of recycling and reusing material as a way...

  • Near Square Vintage Persian Tabriz Mahi in Navy, Burgundy, Ivory, Green, @thepersianknot, SKU 2068

    Tabriz Mahi 2068

    11’ 10” x 14’ 10”    Breathtaking beautiful oversized Persian Tabriz Mahi rug from the late 1900s in navy blue, burgundy, ivory, and green colors .  Wonderful ageless classic Herati pattern in a very rare and seek...

  • Vintage Hand Stitched Crib Quilt in Red, Green, Peach, Blue Framed as Wall Art,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2062

    Framed Crib Quilt 2062

    17.5” x 18.5” x 0.1”     Charming vintage hand embroidered crib quilt depicting a house in red, peach, green blue, and ivory from the mid 1900s.  The quilt is beautifully professionally mounted in a glassed wood...

  • 19th Century Chinese Silk Hand Embroidery Panels of Flowers, Bats, Moths,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2067

    Chinese Silk Embroidery Panels 2067

    13” x 16” x 0.2” (Each)      Beautiful pair of 19th Century Chinese embroidery panels.  Each panel has extremely fine hand embroidery of flowers, bats, and moths on a green silk background,  Each Panel has a...

  • Vintage Native American Navajo Rug in White, Red, Brown, Chocolate, The Persian Knot, SKU 2066

    Navajo 2066

    63” x 87”     Large size and finely hand-woven Native American Navajo rug in eye dazzler diamond pattern in white, red, brown, and chocolate colors from the SW United States circa the early 1900s.   The pattern displays a...

  • Vintage Native American Navajo Chinle Rug in Gold, Yellow, Ivory, Gray,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2045

    Navajo Chinle 2045

    51” x 77”    Finely hand-woven Native American Navajo Chinle Rug in gold, yellow, ivory, brown, and gray colors from the SW United States from the early 1900s.   The Chinle rug is in the banded stripe pattern with small...

  • 19th Century Hand Embroidered Persian Silk Kerman Termeh (Suzani) in Red, Ivory, Blue , @thepersianknot, SKU 2065

    Kerman Suzani 2065

    36" x 34"   The distinctive Persian Kerman Suzani (Termeh embroidery in Persian) comes from the ancient city of Kerman in Persia hand embroidered around 1850.  The hand embroidered Kerman suzani textile tapestry is on a red cloth background...

  • Early 20th Century Hand Stitched Southern Quilt in a Wedding Ring Pattern in Lime Green, Ivory,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2063

    Quilt 2063

    89” x 97”    Early 20th century hand-stitched southern quilt top from SE United States most likely North Carolina.  It has a single wedding ring pattern set on  a lime green background with the ring designs in hand...