Persian Kalamkar Textile 1403



37” x 47″  Vintage Persian Hand-Crafted Kalamkar Block Print Textile with a Paisley Pattern.  The beauty of this piece is in the amount of creative and precision work that the creator had put in to make a complex design based on paisley from and integrate into a mihrab design makes a statement of fineness and uniqueness of this antique textile.

The Persian Kalamkar (Qalamkar or Ghalamkar) woodblock print textile is from the great city of Isfahan. This is done 100% by hand with different designs on each block.  Each design is put in the ink and then applied to the textile. Once the design is completed, a hot iron is used to make the print permanent.

Kalamkaris originated in Persia where "qalam" meant pen and "kari" meant craftwork. Originally the design was hand-drawn using a bamboo pen, but since the 19th-century, block printing has been widely used.

Dimensions:  37” x 47″
Date of Manufacture:  Early 1900s
Place of Origin:  Isfahan,  Persia
Material:  Cotton with hand-painted block prints
Condition:  Excellent

SKU: 1403

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