Buying Vintage Rugs FAQs

Q.   What are the factors that impact the price of a fine handwoven rug?

  • Overall condition of the rug
  • The rug’s rarity and market desirability
  • The place the rug was woven
  • The overall design and colors in the rug
  • The quality of wool used in the rug
  • The type of dyes used in the rug (organic natural vegetable dyes Vs. synthetic dyes)

Q.  Can a 150-Year-Old rug be beautiful and functional on the floor?

We are occasionally asked by new clients to our gallery "if a rug over 150 years of age and use is still functional on the floor?"  The answer depends on the specific rug.  The rugs in our collection were individually selected and are considered some of the finest vintage handwoven rugs that were artistically created in the past two centuries.  So the answer to the question is a strong YES if you acquire a piece from a reputable gallery.

Q.  Does it matter who I purchase the rug from?

Absolutely.  You want to purchase the rug from a gallery that stands behind their collection.  The benefit of building a relationship with a gallery that specializes in fine vintage handwoven rugs is that their focus should be on finding you the right item that fits your individual and family needs. The gallery should be willing and interested in working with the client and the designer to find the right piece.

Q.  Can I see every item in your collection online?

Yes.  Our complete collection of vintage handwoven rugs, tapestries, and textiles is posted on our website.  Each item has a full description and details about when, where, and how it was made.  There are also photos that show the rug and in some cases even a short video of the rug.

Q.  Can you tell me about your collection?

 We have assembled a collection of the finest vintage handwoven rugs created by artisan weavers in the past two centuries from around the world.    These rugs have quality material, artistic design, and fine workmanship and will be enjoyed for generations.

Q.  How do I search for rugs in your collection?

Our complete collection is online with full details and multiple photos of each item.  In addition, we are adding videos that provide a real "in-person" experience for the rug's look and colors.

Q.   Where can I find prices?

The prices are on the item description page.  For items listed with no price, you may contact us by using the Product ID and clicking on the "Product inquiries and to make an offer" link to send us your questions or offers.