Rug Pads

We recommend the use of carpet padding for safety and security.  Padding provides support for the rug and secures the rug to the floor.   

Depending on the traffic on the carpet.  pads gradually break down and need to be replaced. You will notice this when you see a fine powder-like residue under the pad on the floor.  Carpet pads should be replaced every 3-5 years to provide safety and security.


We use the highest quality padding material.  Our padding is 1/4 inch thick with rubber backing to secure to the floor and the felt top for the highest grip to the carpet. We Custom Cut the padding to an exact specification to fit your carpet perfectly so that you don't have to cut it since it is very difficult and time-consuming.


Felt Top For a Great Grip of the Carpet

Rubber Backing for Securing to the Floor

Customer Comments and Reviews:

Allison C. (December, 2022): Perfectly cut rug pads, and very fast service! I appreciated learning more about the important repair services you offer for these beautiful and unique rugs. Thanks again!