Repairing Damaged Rug Fringes

Repairing Damaged Rug Fringes

Posted by The Persian Knot Gallery on Nov 7th 2021

The day-to-day heavy vacuuming of area rugs could permanently damage the rug especially the fringes. To prevent this, rugs should be vacuumed gently and the vacuum cleaner should be kept at least 6 inches away from the edges of the rug. In addition, over time even with the normal walking traffic on the rug, the fringes and the sides start to wear.

In cases where the fringe is completely worn off, to protect the rug from further damage a cotton fringe can be handsewn. This is very effective in preventing further damage and also giving the rug its original look.

Damaged Fringe (Before)


To maintain the rug integrity, it is very important to have the fringe and the sides repaired in a timely fashion. This is simple maintenance and inexpensive maintenance of the rug, preventing further damage to the rug. In addition, having the rugs cleaned professionally helps the wool and extends the life of the rug. 

Client comments about our rug services:

"I contacted The Persian Knot regarding a rug repair, as the edge of my rug was separating in 2 separate areas. After some discussion I was provided a quote for the repair over the phone. The quote was very reasonable and the communication and expertise provided to me was excellent.

The rug was repaired within a few days and we are very happy with the results. In addition, the store has a large variety of beautiful rugs, and they provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend, and will be bringing my rugs there in the future for cleaning and any repairs, as they are extremely careful and trustworthy."  Carolyn M.