Shahsavan Saddlebag 1563

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1’ 7” x 4’     This Shahsavan Saddlebag was woven in the early 20th This Shahsavan Saddlebag was woven in the early 1900s by the tribes in NW Persia. Caucasian and Northwest Persian bags from the 19th century are renowned by collectors for preserving classical drawings from centuries ago. This complete saddlebag is also known as khorjin in Persian or a double animal bag set.  

Shahsavan Soumak Mafrash items including kilims, saddlebags, and Mafrash panels are some of the most desired and collected forms of tribal weaving in the world. They are renowned for their beautiful colors and design. One usually sees only one of the panels but this piece has both side panels and the kilim section which forms the bottom of the bag. Truly a masterpiece of tribal creation.  Mafrash describes a large carrying bag made by tribes to move their household items from one location to another from their seasonal moves.

Dimensions:  1’ 7” x 4’
Date of Manufacture:  1st Quarter of the 1900s
Place of Origin:  NW Persia
Material:  Wool on a wool foundation with natural dyes
Condition:  Excellent

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