Caucasian Rugs (2'x3' to 10'x15')

Welcome to our Caucasian Collection.  The term "Caucasian" or "Kazak" refers to area rugs that come from the Caucasus region countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Dagestan. The items in our Caucasian Rugs Collection include Kazak, Shirvan, Karabagh, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Kuba, Gendje, and Leshghi area rugs, runners, and kilims.

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak

    Bordjalou Kazak

    3’ 7” x 6’ 2”    A Borjalou Kazak rug from the south-central Caucasus.   It has a beautiful village design of small medallions set in an abrash blue color field. The border of this Barjalou Kazak has a...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kilim Area Rug

    Caucasian Kilim

    3′ x 7′    The Caucasian Kilim in the “band” design of traditional star patterns separated by solid bands in dark and light blue, brown, brick, and light yellow colors.  This Caucasian Kilim is a wonderful artistic...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Soumak Area Rug

    Caucasian Soumak

    5′ 4″ x 6′ 8″   A late 1800s Caucasian Soumak from the Southern Caucasus region consists of a collection of three main medallions. The vegetable dyes used in this Caucasian Soumak have developed beautiful hues in this...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak Rug

    Cloudband Kazak

    4’ 6” x 7’ 7”    This “Cloudband” Kazak carpet is from the 4th quarter of the 1800s. The Cloudband refers to the wavy geometric forms in the diamond. This is a rare Caucasian rug and is highly sought after...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak  rug

    Cloudband Kazak 1

    4’ 3” x 8’ 6”    The Cloudband Kazak carpet is from the mid-1800s from the village of Chondoresh in the Karabagh area of the Caucasus mountains. This is beautiful Clouband Kazak has two large "Cloudband" medallions and...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak Rug

    Fachralo Kazak

    4’ 3” x 6’ 4”      This persimmon toned collectible Fachralo Kazak prayer rug presents a totally unique version of this style. It has a beautiful village design. The border in this Fachralo Kazak rug is abrash...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak runner


    3’ 7” x 11'      The beautiful runner from Gendje region of the southern Caucasus has a full pile and retains its beautiful colors. Dimensions:  3’ 7” x 11' Date of Manufacture:  4th Quarter of the...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak Rug

    Gendje 1

    3’ 9” x 9' 3”    The beautiful runner from the Gendje region of the southern Caucasus has a full pile and retains its beautiful colors.  The Gendje runners have geometric designs in slanted rows with designs changing from...

  • Handwoven Karabagh Rug


    4' 10" x 8' 7"     A beautiful and colorful distressed Karabagh area rug from the Caucasus region from the late 1800s.  The Karabagh rug has a geometric design with a series of medallions set in a beautiful turquoise blue/green color...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Karabagh runner

    Karabagh 2

    3’ 5” x 16’ 7”      The runners from Karabagh region of the Caucasus are rather rare. This design of this rug is a series of seven large connected diamond shapes interconnected by smaller diamond forms set in a...

  • Handwoven Karabagh Area Rug

    Karabagh 3

    4’ 3” x 7’ 1”    A beautiful vintage Karabagh area rug from the Caucasus.  The use of the red color in the field and the “impression” of a flower vase with a bouquet of flowers so-called “Gol...

  • vintage Handwoven Karabagh area rug

    Karabagh 4

    3’ 10”x 7’ 6”    The Karabagh (black garden in the Azari language) rugs from the Southern Caucasus region are known for their “impressionistic” design and use of bright colors in “weaving” a...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Karabagh Rug

    Karabagh Kilim

    5’ 2” x 14’      This Karabagh Kilim is one of the rarest kilims from the Caucasus region and much sought after.  The Karabagh kilim is a true masterpiece in design and color. Extremely rare. Three large bouquets of...

  • A Caucasian rug

    Karachov Kazak

    5’ 1” x 7’    Karachov Kazak village carpets are some of the most beautiful and desired Caucasian carpets in the world. Connoisseurs of fine handmade carpets look for these masterpieces of Caucasian village weaving from the...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak Rug


    3' 6" x 6’ 3”   The beautiful Caucasian Kazak comes in the variation of the paisley design in a variety of wonderful colors. The designs are set in a rich blue field color. The border has large design forms in yellow, green, blue,...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak rug

    Kazak 1

    5' x 7’ 4”     The beautiful Caucasian Kazak comes with four medallions with abrash red and blue colors throughout the design. The Kazak village rugs are renowned for their beautiful geometric design and the use of wonderful...

  • Kazak 11 Area Rugs (2'x3' to 5'x8') The Persian Knot

    Kazak 11

    3′ 11″ x 7′ 10″     A Kazak carpet from the late 1800s set in a beautiful "abrashed" blue field with three large medallions.  The Kazak has three medallion design pattern in red and cream colors with geometric...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Rug

    Kazak 12

    3’ 10” x 9’ 2”      A Kazak rug with five geometric forms in the main field which is in brilliant red color. The Kazak carpets have generally geometric design and the use of natural vegetable dyes as to the beauty...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak  rug

    Kazak 13

    4’ 3” x 7’ 6”    A beautiful Kazak rug from the late 1800s. The uniqueness is in the design and the use of the colors especially the green color in the border which is extremely rare. The main field contains geometric...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak rug

    Kazak 15

    4’ 8” x 7’ 10”     This Kazak carpet is from the Karabagh village in the Armenian region of Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. The Karabagh carpets are very desirable by the collectors and people that are familiar with the...