Navajo Rugs (1' x 2' to 5' x 7')

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  • Handwoven Navajo Rug

    Navajo 1663

    2′ 7″ x 5′      A vintage Navajo rug in multi-colored diamond forms set in an alternating color column.  This Navajo rug has beautiful mid-century modern colors and would be a great addition to a mid-century modern...

  • Handwoven Navajo Rug

    Navajo 1719

    1’ 8” x 3’ 1”       This Navajo rug has a diamond form design consisting of two large connected diamonds that have gray, black, and red colors.  The field is in a rich dark red color with accent designs in...

  • Handwoven Navajo Rug

    Navajo 1720

     1’ 6” x 3’ 4”      This Navajo rug has a diamond form design consisting of five large connected diamonds.  Beautiful natural color tones include green, turquoise blue, pink, yellow, brown, and black...

  • Navajo 1799, 3’ 3” x 5’ 3”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Navajo 1799

    3’ 3” x 5’ 3”     A beautiful Navajo weaving from the SW United States from the early 1900s.  Navajo rugs are generally flatwoven with wool for the body of the rug and usually cotton foundation.  Navajo...

  • Handwoven Navajo Pictorial Rug

    Navajo Pictorial 1654

    1' 2" x 2' 5"       This Navajo pictorial rug with the design of birds form.  This beautiful Navajo rug would be ideal as a wall hanging art. Dimensions:  1' 2" x 2' 5" Date of Manufacture:  3rd Quarter of the 1900s...

  • Handwoven Navajo Rug

    Scandinavian 1656

    1' 8" x 1' 9"     A small Navajo weaving with banded design in wonderful earth tone colors.  A beautiful Navajo rug is well suited as a wall hanging art. Dimensions:  1' 8" x 1' 9" Date of Manufacture:  2nd Quarter of the...

  • Handwoven Navajo rug

    Southwestern Kilim 1151

    3' x 5' 4”    This Southwestern Kilim is in geometric designs and natural earth tone colors can be used as the wall hanging or as a floor covering.  The Southwestern Kilim has a traditional geometric design. Dimensions:  3' x...