African American Southern Quilt 1981



69” x 71”   African American Southern quilt from the American Civil War era from the deep south, possibly Alabama.  The quilt is hand stitched from wool and homespun blankets, squares in different shapes and colors.  It is astonishingly similar to the 19th century quilts made by African Americans around the Gee’s Bend, Alabama in the Southern Region of the United States.  There is a red cross design in the center of the quilt possibly symbolic of the crossroads code from the Underground Railroad quilts made before the American Civil War in 1860s.  19th century African American Southern Quilts have become very collectable and extremely desirable.   From the collection of a Civil Rights attorney in Georgia, United States.

Dimensions: 69” x 71”
Date of Manufacture: 3rd Quarter of the 19th Century
Place of Origin: Southeast, United States
Material:  Cotton, Wool
Condition:  Good

SKU: 1981

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