African Framed Tapestry 1454

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43″ x 5.5″ x .25″    Vintage African Framed Tapestry on a Hand-Crafted Metal Frame circa the mid 1900s. This African Framed Textile is a beautiful piece of flat woven kilim textile with natural dye colors which is mounted on a custom hand-crafted metal frame for display. The design of the flat woven kilim consists of alternating Indigo Blue and white bands with different designs. The use of indigo blue adds to the richness of the color and texture of the piece. The African Framed Textile is a piece of village art that can be displayed as a woven art on the wall.

Dimensions:  43″ x 5.5″ x .25″
Date of Manufacture: 3rd Quarter of the 1900s
Place of Origin:  Africa
Material:  Wool, Cotton, Metal
Condition: Good

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