Runners (2'x6' to 4'x23')

Welcome to our Runners Collection.  The collection contains Runners that are both piled rugs or kilims in sizes (2'x6' to 4'x23').  The curated collection of antique and vintage Runners were individually selected and is unique.  The collection includes Persian, Afghan, Indian, Turkish, Moroccan, and Caucasian runners handwoven from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s.

  • Handwoven Afghan Tribal Runner

    Afghan Tribal

    2' 9" x 10'    A vintage Afghan Tribal Runner with geometric design.  The field in this Afghan Tribal Runner is a dark blue color with design in gold, red and brown colors throughout the field and the borders. Dimensions: 2' 9" x 10' Date...

  • Handwoven Indian Agra Runner

    Agra 4

    2’ 7” x 8’      A handmade Agra fine handwoven runner with a floral allover design pattern in the tradition of fine Agra rugs from the 19th century.  This Agra runner has a brick-red field color with a dark blue...

  • Handwoven Turkish Kilim

    Anatolian kilim 2

    4’ 11" x 13’    An Anatolian Kilim from the early 1900s.  This kilim has bright and beautiful colors in large design make this a unique Kilim from the Eastern Anatolian region by the Armenian weavers in the early part of the...

  • Handwoven Persian Bakhtiari Runner

    Bakhtiari 1

    2' 6" x 12'     A beautiful Bakhtiari tribal runner in floral design.  The runner has a series of flower bouquets and medallions set in a dark blue field and has a white border framing the beautiful picture. The Bakhtiari rugs are...

  • A Handwoven Persian Bakhtiari runner in Golfrang design

    Bakhtiari 3

    4’ x 13’     The Bakhtiari wide runner is in “Gol Farang (Foreign Flower in Persian)” design. The Gol Farang was the impression that the Bakhtiari tribal weavers had of the French Aubusson rugs of the 1800s. The...

  • Handwoven Persian Bidjar Rug

    Bidjar 1

    2' 7" x 10' 4"   A true masterpiece of village weaving. The astonishing beautiful wide Bidjar runner. The field is in a dark blue with a group of 5 medallions in cream color with flower design. The border is in red with a colorful design and...

  • Vintage Handwoven Persian Bidjar Runner

    Bidjar 10

    3’ 2” x 13’    This is a Kurdish Bidjar runner from Northwest Persia from the late 1800s. The variation of the paisley design which is considered the “seed of life” in the Eastern culture on a cream background make...

  • Handwoven Persian Bidjar rug

    Bidjar 11

    4’ 1” x 14'     This beautiful Bidjar runner from the mid-1900s has the traditional Herati design set in a dark blue field. Two large geometric forms cover the large part of the field. The border is in cream color with the leaf...

  • Handwoven Persian Bidjar rug

    Bidjar 3

    3' 2" x 12' 11"    This Kurdish Bidjar runner is truly a masterpiece of village weaving.  Allover paisley designs are set in a light cream color field.  The border in brick color contains leaf design in red, green, blue, pink...

  • Bidjar 8

    Bidjar 8

    4’ 2” x 14’      A true masterpiece of village weaving. The astonishing beautiful wide Bidjar runner from 1870s in great condition. The field is in white which is extremely desirable with the variation of the flower buds...

  • Handwoven Persian Bidjar Runner

    Bidjar 9

    3’ 11” x 11’ 4”      One of the most beautiful carpet designs from the Bidjar Kurdish region. Bidjar carpets are extremely desirable because of their excellent construction and very fine material (wool and natural...

  • Handwoven Chinese Art Deco Runner

    Chinese Peking

    1' 9" x 9' 10"    Beautiful Chinese Peking runner from the late 1800s. A number of traditional Chinese designs are set in a column in the cream/straw color field.  The borders in this Chinese Peking rug are dark and light colors that frame...

  • Handwoven Chinese Art Deco Rug

    Chinese Peking 3

    3' x 12'    Beautiful Peking Chinese runner from the late 1800s. The color blue in a cream field sets the design separate. This is what we would like “beauty in simplicity”. Dimensions:  3' x 12' Date of Manufacture: ...

  • Handwoven Persian Runner

    Farahan 4

    3’ 8” x 9’ 11”      The Persian Farahan runner from early 1900s in a floral design.  It  has a dark blue field color and a series of small medallions throughout.    The border in this Farahan rug...

  • Handwoven Farahan Runner

    Farahan 7

    3’ 9” x 14’    This beautiful Farahan runner is from the western Persia circa the late 1800s. The Herati pattern on the rust background with a pistachio color border which is unique and rare bring a combination together. The...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak runner


    3’ 7” x 11'      The beautiful runner from Gendje region of the southern Caucasus has a full pile and retains its beautiful colors. Dimensions:  3’ 7” x 11' Date of Manufacture:  4th Quarter of the...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak Rug

    Gendje 1

    3’ 9” x 9' 3”    The beautiful runner from the Gendje region of the southern Caucasus has a full pile and retains its beautiful colors.  The Gendje runners have geometric designs in slanted rows with designs changing from...

  • Handwoven Persian Hamadan runner


    3' 6"x 11’ 5”    A beautiful antique Persian Hamadan wide runner with a geometric design.  A series of medallions in camel and light red color.  A beautiful border in a light yellow color. Dimensions:  3' 6"x...

  • Handwoven Persian Runner

    Hamadan 2

    3’ 9” x 10’     Hamadan runner from Western Persia has a brilliant red field color and a small central medallion.  The border is in cream color and designs in red, green, blue and yellow throughout the border. ...

  • Handwoven Persian Hamadan Rug

    Hamadan 3

    4’ 6” x 11’ 4”    The Hamadan rug in the dark blue field has four large medallions. The rest of the field has the design of birds similar to the design of Karabagh carpets. The dark red border completes this village...