Runners (2'x6' to 4'x23')

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  • Kerman 1518, 2′ 6″ x 6′ 6″,  2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman 1518

    2′ 6″ x 6′ 6″    A beautiful Persian Kerman area rug or runner with an all-over floral design.  The rug has a navy blue field color.  The floral designs have wonderful colors including blue, red, cream, and...

  • Khorassan 1287, 4′ x 23′, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Khorassan 1287

    4′ x 23′     The very rare oversize khorassan runner in cream natural earth tone color in the field and is very unique among Khorassan rugs from NE Persia. It has a border in dark wine color with large flowers in pink, green,...

    MSRP: $7,900.00
  • Persian Kurdish runner

    Kurdish 1122

    3’ 3” x 15’ 4”     This beautiful Kurdish runner field with small flower forms in red, green colors in a blue field and framed by three borders with geometric designs in green, pink yellow and blue colors. This...

  • Handwoven Persian Runner

    Kurdish 1126

    3’ 2” x 9’ 6”      The rug from the Kurdish region of the Northwest Persian in the Mina Khani (rosettes pattern) has a beautiful combination of colorful flowers throughout. The abrash blue color in the main field...

  • Kurdish 1163,  2’ 1” x 4’ 2”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Kurdish 1163

    2’ 1” x 4’ 2”    Kurdish rug with a series of diamond forms in the field each with a different design and color combination on an abrash blue color field and a cream color border.  The Kurdish rug has a geometric...

  • Handwoven Persian Kurdish Rug

    Kurdish 1268

    4' 6″ x 9' 4″   A magnificent paisley design field and a border with brilliant poppy forms combine to bring together a 19th-century Kurdish village masterpiece.  The use of colors in this Kurdish rug brings a juxtaposition of...

  • Handwoven Persian Kurdish Runner

    Kurdish 1325

    3’ 6” x 9’ 5”    This beautiful Kurdish runner was weaved by the Kurdish tribes in the western Persia around the late 1800s. The paisley pattern on the blue background with a predominantly rust color border makes this a...

  • Handwoven Persian Kurdish Runner

    Kurdish 1390

    3’ 4” x 12’      The beautiful Kurdish runner from NW Persia comes in a deep dark red field. Eight geometric forms in dark blue with small designs run from one end to the other. The white border frames the whole...

  • Handwoven Vintage Persian Kurdish Runner

    Kurdish 1396

    4’ 1” x 11’ 10”     The beautiful Wide Kurdish runner comes with the paisley design set in a red field. The geometric forms in the border add to the beauty of this village runner from late 1800s. Dimensions: ...

  • Kurdish 1406, 3’ 3" x 6’ 1”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish 1406

    3’ 3" x 6’ 1”    This beautiful Kurdish area rug is from western Persia around the late 1800s. The Kurdish rug has a variation on the paisley pattern which is set on a dark brick red background with a predominantly rust color...

  • Kurdish 1418, 4’ 8” x 9' 2",  4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish 1418

    4’ 8” x 9' 2"   This beautiful Kurdish gallery size rug was made by the Kurdish tribes in western Persia around the late 1800s. The paisley pattern on the blue background with a predominantly rust color border makes this Kurdish...

  • Handwoven Kurdish Rug

    Kurdish 1710

    3’ 10” x 8’ 4”     Kurdish rug with seven geometric medallions in a single column in the main field which is in blue, and rust colors. This Kurdish rug has design and the use of natural vegetable dyes as to the...

  • Kurdish Bidjar 1693, 4’ 2” x 9' 2”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish Bidjar 1693

    4’ 2” x 9' 2”  The Kurdish Bidjar runner in a beautiful saffron yellow field color.  It has an overall small flower form pattern of a variation of paisley form. The primary border in this Kurdish Bidjar is a beautiful cream...

  • Handwoven Kurdish Camelhair Runner

    Kurdish Camelhair 1125

    3’ 5” x 12’    The antique Kurdish Camelhair runner has a very unique design.  Although somewhat "gracefully aged", it is still very beautiful and brings a sense of modern design in a rug about 150 years old. The Kurdish...

  • Kurdish Camelhair 1391, 3’ 8” x 9’ 5”,  4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish Camelhair 1391

    3’ 8” x 9’ 5”      The camelhair Kurdish runners are some of the most sought after by homeowners and interior design professionals who appreciate the rarity and the beauty of such fine tribal weavings.. The...

    MSRP: $5,900.00
  • Handwoven Kurdish Runner

    Kurdish Camelhair 1698

    3’ 3” x 9’ 10”      The camelhair Kurdish runners are some of the most sought by rug lovers. The rug comes with a number of geometric forms in the body containing brown, dark red, and green colors. The main border...

  • Handwoven Persian Kilim Rug

    Kurdish Kilim 1137

    5’ x 14’ 5”      A beautiful Kurdish kilim from Eastern Turkey in a geometric design. This Kurdish Kilim is Very unique since it design resembles the kilims from the southern Caucasus.  In addition, the use of the...

  • Handwoven Persian Runner

    Lenkoran 1692

    4' 4″ x 10' 5"      A Northwest Persia village runner has a design similar to the Lenkoran rugs from the Caucasus.  The distinct and bold design in this Northwest Persia runner is made of three medallions in a variation of...

    MSRP: $3,900.00
  • Handwoven Persian Lilian Runner

    Lilian 1108

    2’ 8” x 25'     This Lilian rug is in the tradition of Sarouk rugs but with more use of the bright colors in the design. This approximately one-hundred-year-old rug comes in a rare size and condition. The use of light green...

  • Lilian 1112,  2’ 4” x 8’ 9”,  4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Lilian 1112

    2’ 4” x 8’ 9”      The Lilian rug from the Sarouk region has soft wool with a gracefully aged look. The 19th century Lilian runner from the western region of Persia. The all-over pattern with shades of green, blue,...