Room Size Rugs (6'x9' to 10'x14')

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  • Vintage Turkish Heriz in Geometric Pattern in Red, Green, Navy Blue, The Persian Knot, SKU 1743

    Turkish Heriz 1743

    10’ 5” x 13’ 7”    A Turkish rug in the Persian Heriz geometric medallion design.  The  room size rug has a beautiful and unique design and great colors.  The rug has a central medallion in navy blue, red...

    Was: $12,000.00
    Now: $8,800.00
  • Vintage Turkish Heriz Serapi in Pale Yellow/Ivory, Salmon, French Blue, Navy, The Persian Knot, SKU 1966

    Turkish Serapi 1966

    9’ x 12’   Beautiful vintage Turkish Serapi with a highly desirable ivory/cream field color circa the late 1900s. The design and the color scheme of this Serapi is very desirable especially having a pale yellow/ivory field color which is...

    Was: $14,900.00
    Now: $10,700.00
  • Vintage Turkmen Ersari in Allover Geometric Pattern in Red, Green, Black 1824, The Persian Knot, SKU 1824

    Turkmen Ersari 1824

    7’ 2” x 8’ 7”    A “near square” room-size Turkmen Ersari rug in an allover geometric "Gul (flower)" pattern from the early 20th century.  The Turkmen Ersari rug’s design consists of three columns...

    Was: $5,900.00
    Now: $4,800.00
  • Vintage Persian Yazd in Floral Pattern in Brick Red, Navy, Blue, Ivory,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 1191

    Yazd 1191

    5’ 5” x 8’ 5”      Vintage  Persian Yazd rug in a floral pattern in Brick Red, Navy, Blue, Ivory from the mid 1900s.   The was was woven at the  "Sherkat Farsh" workshop which is known for very...

  • Vintage Turkmen Yomut Soumak in Allover Geometric Pattern in Red, Black, Ivory, The Persian Knot, SKU 1045

    Yomut Soumak 1045

    6’ 2” x 12’     Vintage Turkmen Yomut Soumak rug from Central Asia circa the mid 1900s.  The soumak tapestry-woven has a wool foundation, a wool pile and is in an all-over design which results in a beautifully...