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  • Tibetan 1744, 2’ 10” x 5’ 3”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Tibetan 1744

    2’ 10” x 5’ 3”    A beautiful Tibetan Rug from the early 1900s.  Its field is designed with three large-scale Lotus flowers with protruding vines set on a black background color which creates color contrast against...

  • 1738 Karabagh, 7' x 18' 6", 3rd Quarter of the 1800s

    Karabagh 1738

    7' x 18' 6"  A beautiful and colorful Karabagh gallery rug with a distressed look from the Caucasus region from the 3rd quarter of the 1800s.  The Karabagh rug has a geometric design with a series of medallions set in a beautiful abrash...

  • Oushak 1735, 6’ 6” x 9’ 9”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Oushak 1735

    6’ 6” x 9’ 9”    A Turkish Oushak room size rug from the 1st quarter of the 1900s.  The rug is in a pale blue/green color field.  There is a central medallion in pale pink and white.  Corner spandrels are...

  • Kurdish Bidjar 1734, 4’ 1” x 6' 3”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish Bidjar 1734

    4’ 1” x 6' 3”    The Kurdish Bidjar area rug from the 4th quarter of the 1800s.  This beautiful rug was woven by the Kurds in the Western Persian Bidjar area.  It has an abrash blue field and an abrash blue/green...

  • Vintage Handwoven Tapestry

    Handwoven European Tapestry 1699

    38" x 68"   A beautiful mid-century handwoven tapestry of a galloping horse. The brilliant colors and the horse form make this truly a unique vintage art piece. Looking at the tapestry's unique design and the use of colors brings the images of...

  • Art Deco Chinese Rug 1732, 8’ 2” x 11’, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Chinese Art Deco 1732

    8’ 2” x 11’    A unique Chinese Art Deco rug from the early 1900s with a light yellow or tan main field color and a dark navy blue color on the border. The design of this rug reminds me of the buildings that I saw in Peking's...

  • Tabriz 1195, 6’ 7” x 9’ 11”, 4th Quarter of the 1900s

    Tabriz 1195

    6’ 7” x 9’ 11”    A beautiful and rare black color field Persian Tabriz with a geometric Heriz design.  The rug is woven with a wool pile on a cotton foundation with silk highlights.  It has a light peach color...

  • Nain Habibian 1242

    Nain Habibian 1242

    6’ 11” x 10’ 4”      This Nain rug is extremely fine weave has a floral design similar to Isfahan in the intricacies of the design. The cream color field is framed with a beige color border. Master Habibian workshop...

  • Handwoven Persian Isfahan room size rug with wool on a silk foundation with silk highlightss

    Isfahan 1237

    6’ 6” x 9’ 9”   A wonderful very fine weave Persian Isfahan room size rug in a floral design.  The rug has a wool pile on a silk foundation with silk highlights throughout the field and the border.  The rug has...

  • Handwoven Caucasian Kazak Rug

    Kazak 1646

    3' 6" x 6’ 3”   The beautiful Caucasian Kazak comes in the variation of the paisley design in a variety of wonderful colors. The designs are set in a rich blue field color. The border has large design forms in yellow, green, blue,...

  • Handwoven American Hooked Rug

    Hooked Rug 1446

    3’ x 4’ 9”   Antique American hooked rug made with rag wool and cotton woven on a burlap foundation.  The beauty in the design and the use of colors is truly wonderful in this small gem of an artisan creation. Antique...

  • Malayer 1158

    Malayer 1158

    5’ 1” x 10’ 3”   A beautiful antique Malayer rug is in Herati allover design with a small medallion.  It has an abrash blue field color and a rust color border which is a wonderful combination. The abrash blue in...

  • Tabriz Mahi 1244,  6’ 9” x 9’ 10”, 3rd Quarter of the 1900s

    Tabriz Mahi 1244

    6’ 9” x 9’ 10”  This fine weave Tabriz Mahi from one of the best artisan workshops in the city of Tabriz in NW Persia. The unique color in the field. The border is mastery in design and use of colors. The Mahi design is...

  • Oushak 1417, 4’ 5” x 5’ 2”, 3rd Quarter of the 1800s

    Oushak 1417

    4’ 5” x 5’ 2”   The Antique Turkish Oushak from the 3rd quarter of the 1800s.  The rug has a beautiful saffron yellow field. It has a small central medallion in blue/green and cream colors. The main border is in...

  • Handwoven Native American Navajo Rug

    Navajo 1571

    1' 8" x 3' 3"    This beautiful small Native American Navajo rug from the Southwest Area of the United States.  The Navajo rug has a striped design in gray and white.  It is perfect as wall art or display on a table...

  • Kerman 1214, 10’ 3” x 13’ 8” , 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman 1214

    10’ 3” x 13’ 8”    A Persian Kerman rug from the workshop of renowned master weaver Rashid Farokhi.   This beautiful Kerman rug has a central medallion design with a beautiful large floral design of branches,...

  • Handwoven Moroccan Area Rug

    Moroccan 1428

    3’ 5” x 6’ 3”  Beautiful vintage Moroccan rug in a geometric design in vibrant colors.  The rug has the geometric design of a number of squares in different colors.  It has a mid-century modern design and color...

  • Handwoven Navajo Rug

    Navajo 1569

    1' 5" x 2' 7"    The beautiful Native American Navajo rug from the Southwest Area of America.  The Navajo rug has a striped design in gray and white.  The smaller size Native American rugs especially the ones with earth tone colors...

  • Handwoven Navajo Area Rug

    Navajo 1502

    2’ 7” x 4’ 8”    Beautiful Navajo rug with a striking design. The Navajo rug was used as a tapestry wall art so it has minimal wear. Dimensions:  2’ 7” x 4’ 8” Date of Manufacture:  2nd...

  • Tabriz 1208, 3’ 4” x 5’ 2”, 3rd Quarter of the 1900s

    Tabriz 1208

    3’ 4” x 5’ 2”  One of a very rare identical pair of Tabriz rugs (1207 & 1208) in the "Shah Abbas" design refers to the design that was used for the Persian Royal Court rugs during the Savafid Dynisty Region in the 16th...