Room Size Rugs (6'x9' to 10'x14')

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  • Handwoven Kilim Rug

    Karabagh Kilim 1135

    7’ x 10'      The Karabagh Kilim has a beautiful purple or light pink color field consisting of "bouquets of flowers" forms in brilliant colors of green, blue, pink, cream, and yellow.  There is a wide border in a dark brown...

  • Handwoven Persian Kashan

    Kashan 1318

    9’ x 11’ 7”   Antique Persian Kashan from the early 1900s in classic Kashan "garden" design set in a beautiful rich red field color. A navy blue medallion with ivory and light blue center colors and navy blue pendants occupy...

  • Kashan 1751, 8’ 8” x 11’ 7”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kashan 1751

    8’ 8” x 11’ 7”      A very rare room-size Persian Kashan in a floral design set in a cream color field in the traditional Shah Abbas design of Sickle and leaves. The range of colors used in this rug is unbelievable...

  • Early 20th Century Persian Kashan in Floral Design in Turquoise, French Blue, Red, Ivory, The Persian Knot, SKU 1962

    Kashsan 1962

    5’ 8” x 8’ 6”    An early 20th century  hand-woven Persian Kashan floral design area rug in a rare turquoise color background.   The classical design and luminous, resilient wool quality of this outstanding...

  • A Caucasian Kazak Kilim

    Kazak Kilim 1617

    6' 11" x 11' 8"      A room-size Kazak kilim from the Caucasus with beautiful colors.   Kilims are tapestry type flatweaves (no pile).  Finding a Caucasian Kazak kilim this size (almost 7' x 12') and in this condition and...

  • Kerman 1018, 9’ x 12’, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman 1018

    9' x 12'      This beautiful and colorful Persian Kerman rug is from the 1st quarter of the 1900s.  It is in an "allover" design pattern.  It has a cream field color which is filled with flower bouquets in various colors. ...

  • Kerman Lavar 1726, 8' 9" x 11' 6", 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman 1726

    8' 9" x 11' 6"     A beautiful near "square size" Persian Kerman Lavar from the 1st quarter of the 1900s. The rug has a cream field color with an all-over design.  The large-format curve linear forms based on a variation of the...

  • Kerman Lavar "Tree of Life" 1768,  9’ x 12’ 7”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman Lavar "Tree of Life" 1768

    9’ x 12’ 7”      One of the most serene and beautiful Persian Kerman  Lavar rugs we have ever seen.  A Kerman Lavar in the “Tree of Life” Design.  The design and colors implemented by the finest...

  • Kerman Lavar 1213, 9’ 10" x 13’ 9”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman Lavar 1213

    9’ 10" x 13’ 9”    A majestic Kerman Lavar rug from the renowned village of Lavar in Southwest Persian.   The Kerman Lavar rug was handwoven in one of the finest workshops during the first quarter of the 1900s. ...

  • Kerman Lavar 1707, 8' 9" x 10’ 5”, 3rdQuarter of the 1800s

    Kerman Lavar 1707

    8' 9" x 10’ 5”     A rare room size Kerman Lavar circa the 1850s.  The field is in cream color with designs of vines and flowers throughout in black and red colors.  A beautiful central medallion in black color with...

  • Kerman Lavar 1731, 8’ 11" x 13’ 1”, 2nd Quarter of the 1800s

    Kerman Lavar 1731

    8’ 11" x 13’ 1”     A beautiful Persian Kerman Lavar from the mid-1800s.   The rug has a "distressed" look which adds to the understated beauty in the design and mastery of the use of color palate.   ...

  • Kerman Lavar 1831, 8’ x 11’, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, SE Persia

    Kerman Lavar 1831

    8’ x 11’    A magnificent creation by the master weavers from the village of Lavar in Kerman Province from the 3rd/4th quarter of the 1800s.  The rug has a wonderful classic design of 16th-century rugs.  The color...

  • 19th-Century Persian Kerman Lavar in Medallion Floral Design in Ivory, Red, Black, The Persian Knot, SKU 1953

    Kerman Lavar 1953

    8’ 2” x 11’ 2”     Late 19th century Persian Kerman Lavar room size rug in a floral and paisley design in ivory, red, pale yellow, and midnight blue colors.  The rug has a gorgeous design and wonderful color...

  • Vintage Persian Kerman Lavar in Allover Floral Pattern in Ivory, Crimson, Pink, Green, The Persian Knot, SKU 1970

    Kerman Lavar 1970

    8’ 10 “ x 11’ 10”    An astonishingly beautiful and colorful Persian Kerman Lavar room size rug in floral design in ivory background with design colors in red, pink, green, blue and many others.  The rug has a...

  • Kerman with Tree of Life Design 1717, 7' x 10’ 2”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman Lavar Tree of Life 1717

    7' x 10’ 2”      Kerman Lavar rugs are known for their beautiful color combination and design.  This beautiful Kerman Lavar has a "Garden of Paradise" also called "Tree of Life" design in the "millefleurs" (thousand...

  • Kerman 1701, 8' 10" x 12' 6", 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Kerman Vase Carpet 1701

    8' 10" x 12' 6"    A room-size Kerman Vase carpet from the mid-1900s.  The camelhair or apricot field color with an all-over trellis of leafy vines, palmettes, and vases issuing floral sprays within a black color flowerhead and palmette...

  • Khorassan in "The Tree of Life'19th Century Persian Khorassan in Allover Floral Design in Crimson Red, Blue, Green 1014, 5’ 8” x 8’ 9”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, The  Persian Knot, SKU 1014

    Khorassan 1014

    5’ 8” x 8’ 9”      19th Century Persian Khorassan in allover floral design in crimson red, blue, and green.  It has one of the most unique colors and designs in any hand woven rugs from Persia. This Khorassan...

  • 1092 Khorassan, 9’ 8" x 13’ 4", 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Khorassan 1092

    9’ 8" x 13’ 4"    Antique Korassan room size rug in light antique pale apricot color with a small central medallion and the corner within light brown.  Although there is a central medallion, because the rug colors are muted,...

  • Handwoven Persian Khorassan rug

    Khorassan 1267

    8' 9″ x 11' 8″       This Persian Khorassan room-size rug has a floral design with a central medallion.  The design is set in a rich crimson red field color.  The main design consists of flowers and branches in...

  • Khorassan 1271, 9’ 10” x 12’ 4″, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Khorassan 1271

    9’ 10” x 12’ 4″       A Khorassan room size handwoven rug from North East Persia from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s. The rug has a unique " near square" size with a scrolling vines design.   The...

    MSRP: $9,800.00