Oversize Rugs (10'x14' to 14'x30')

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  • 19th Century Indian Agra in Garden Pattern in Saffron Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Red, The Persian Knot, SKU 1473

    Agra 1473

    11’ 6″ x 17’  A beautiful hand-knotted Indian Agra woven in the last quarter of the 1900s in an allover garden pattern. The rug has a saffron yellow background color with designs of birds and branches in French blue, pink, red,...

  • Vintage Agra Gallery Rug in All Over Tree of Life Pattern in Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, The Persian Knot, SKU 1694

    Agra 1694

    7’ 8″ x 15’   Vintage Indian Agra Gallery Rug in  "Garden of Paradise" pattern from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s. The field has a Mogul court favorite design elements including the cypress trees, birds, and flowers...

  • Agra 1929

    Agra 1929

    11’ 8” x 14’ 2”      19th century oversized Indian Agra in a large medallion pattern with soft colors of pale purple, gray, burgundy, and pale yellow/gold.   A central large medallion in shades of gray, gold,...

  • Vintage American Amish Rag Rug in Pale Blue with  Stripe Pattern in Purple, Green,  The Persian Knot, SKU 1419

    Amish Rag Rug 1419

    10' 3" x 13' 9"     This beautiful multicolor American Amish Rag Area Rug has a very modern design format and can be incorporated into any modern interior design project. The American Rag Area Rug is formed by joining three different...

  • Agra 1580, 10’ 2″ x 16’ 9", 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Amritsar 1580

    10’ 2″ x 16’ 9"         Antique Indian Amritsar from the last quarter of the 1900s with an open field and a central medallion. The Amritsar rug has a beautiful light blue/purple color field with a central...

  • Mid 20th Century Oversized Aubusson Design Carpet in Light Taupe, Sage Green, Brown, Pink, The Persian Knot, SKU 1029

    Aubusson 1029

    11’ 7” x 18’ 1"      Beautiful Vintage  oversized Aubusson design flat-woven tapestry rug in a simple repeated floral bouquet pattern in light or pale taupe, sage, pale blue, brown, and pale pink. ...

  • French Aubusson Handwoven Rug

    Aubusson 1281

    12’ x 14’    This large French Aubusson tapestry rug with a pale tan field color and floral decorations with ribbons throughout.  The Savonnerie and Aubusson rugs that were woven in the 17th-19th centuries in France under the...

  • Mid 19th Century Oversize French Aubusson Carpet in Floral Pattern in Rose, Olive Green, Turquoise, The Persian Knot, SKU 1310

    Aubusson 1310

    11’ 10” x 16’ 2”    The Louis Philippe Aubusson carpet from the mid1800s (circa 1840s) has one of the most spectacular design and color combinations. A central oval floral medallion flanked by sprays on the dusty rose...

  • 19th Century Oversize French Aubusson Carpet in Floral Pattern in Ivory, Red, Pink, Brown, Pale Green, The Persian Knot, SKU 1376

    Aubusson 1376

    10’ 9” x 21’ 2”  19th century French Aubusson oversized rug in a floral pattern in ivory, red, pink.   A central oval floral medallion flanked by sprays on the ivory field is within a pink color border with floral...

  • Oversize Vintage Persian Bakhtiari in Geometric Pattern in Burgundy, Ivory, French Blue, Yellow, The Persian Knot, SKU 1968

    Bakhtiari 1968

    10’ 11” x 15’ 4”    A rare oversize Persian Bakhtiari in a geometric pattern.  The rug design resembles the Persian Heriz Serapi geometric rugs from NW Persia and makes this a very desirable Bakhtiari.   ...

  • Vintage Persian Bakhtiari in Garden Panel Pattern in Pale Yellow, Pink, French Blue, and Green, The Persian Knot, SKU 1942

    Bakhtiari Garden Panel 1942

    11’ 4” x 13’ 8”     A beautiful “near square” vintage Persian Bakhtiari oversize  rug in garden panel design from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s in pale yellow, pink, French blue, and green. The design...

  • Bidjar 1312

    13’ 10" x 21’   Vintage oversized (mansion or palace size) hand-knotted Persian Bidjar is a masterpiece of the early 20th-century in an all over Herati pattern. This Bidjar rug is an exceptional piece in every aspect of design and...

  • Late 19th Century Persian Bidjar in Herati Geometric Pattern in Ivory, Red, Blue, Yellow, The Persian Knot, SKU 1317

    Bidjar 1317

    9’ 7” x 14’ 2”       A beautiful Bidjar(Bijar) Halavi rug from the late 1800s.  The Bidjar has an Ivory field with a navy blue diamond-shaped medallion with light blue anchor pendants. It has a red...

  • 19th Century Vintage Oversized Persian Bidjar in Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, The Persian Knot, SKU 1606

    Bidjar 1606

    11' 4" x 15' 1"      The oversized Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a unique and extremely desirable open field design in an abrash red color.  The design of the corner spandrels is Herati with accent colors in French blue, pink, cream, brown,...

  • Vintage Persian Bidjar in a Medallion Geometric Pattern in French Blue, Red, Ivory, Yellow, The Persian Knot, SKU 1747

    Bidjar 1747

    9’ 6“’ x 15’ 3”    Beautiful oversized Persian Bidjar  rug is a great example of the art of Persian rug weaving from the last quarter of the 1800s. The Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a very unique and extremely...

  • 19th Century Persian Bidjar with Herati Design in Multi Shades of Pale Blue and Terracotta Red1784, 11’ x 18’ 9”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, The Persian Knot

    Bidjar 1784

    11' x 18' 9”    The oversized Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a great example of the art of Persian rug weaving from the last quarter of the 1800s. The Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a very unique and extremely desirable “Herati” design  in...

  • Bidjar 1954,  13’ 1” x 18’ 4”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, NW Persia, 19th Century Oversized Persian Bidjar in red, French Blue, Ivory, Navy

    Bidjar 1954

    13’ 1” x 18’ 4”        Beautiful 19th century oversized Persian Bidjar area rug with a medallion design in a Herati geometric pattern in red, French blue, ivory, navy, and yellow colors.   The rug has a...

  • Camelhair Malayer 1748

    Camelhair Malayer 1748

    9’ 5” x 15’ 1”    Beautiful oversize camelhair Persian Malayer from the early 1900s.  The rug has an open field design with a central medallion in a Herati design set in a navy blue color background.  The...

    Was: $12,900.00
    Now: $9,500.00
  • Vintage Caucasian Karabagh Verne Saddlebag in Yellow, Red, Blue,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 2053

    Caucasian Verne Saddlebag 2053

    18” x 56”    Extremely rare and highly seeked Caucasian Verne saddlebag from the early 20th century.  The front of the bag is woven in “Verne '' technique with the S-shaped larger design representing a dragon filled with...

  • Vintage Oversized Chinese Art Deco with Pagoda, Birds Design in French Blue, Tan, Navy, The Persian Knot, SKU 1027

    Chinese Art Deco 1027

    12’ x 20’       Vintage oversized Chinese Art Deco rug in French blue and tan from the early 20th century.   The rug has a beautiful center medallion, the scene of a pagoda temple and a river that reminds one of a...