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Please note the product SKU number if you would like to make inquiries about that item. 


Please note the product SKU number if you would like to make inquiries about that item. 

  • Vintage Persian Isfahan Room Size Rug in Floral Pattern in Ivory, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Brown, The Persian Knot, SKU 1874

    Isfahan 1874

    7’ 7” x 11’ 6”      Vintage  room-size Persian Isfahan rug from the 1st quarter of the 1900s.  The beautiful hand-knotted  rug has a very fine weave and very high knot count.  The pattern is the...

  • Kerman Lavar 1867, 4’ 3” x 5’ 9”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, SE Persia

    Kerman Lavar 1867

    4’ 3” x 5’ 9”  A beautiful Persian Kerman Lavar area rug with the “Tree of Life” design from the 4th quarter of the 1800s.  The main field is midnight blue with a central cypress tree with a beautiful magenta...

  • Chinese Peking with Lion Dog and Symbols for Fortune, Prosperity, and Long Life 1862, 7’ 10” x 10’ 5", 4th Quarter of the 1800s, China

    Chinese Peking 1862

    7’ 10” x 10’ 5"    Chinese Peking with Lion and Symbols for Fortune, Prosperity, and Long Life.  A beautiful "distressed" Chinese Peking room size rug from the 4th quarter of the 1800s.  The rug has a very unique and...

    Was: $5,900.00
    Now: $4,900.00
  • Malayer 1864, 3’ 5” x 16’, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, Persia

    Malayer 1864

    3’ 5” x 16’      A Persian Malayer runner in an allover Herati design woven in the last quarter of the 19th century.  The rug has a classic Herati design set in a navy blue background.  The design elements...

  • 19th Century Caucasian Kazak Runner in Geometric Medallions Pattern in Blue, Red, Yellow, Ivory 1865, The Persian Knot, SKU 1865

    Kazak 1865

    3’ 3” X 9’ 4”       A triple medallion Karachov Kazak runner  from the Caucasus region woven in the 4th quarter of the 1800s.   The beauty of the rug is in having three large medallions each covering...

  • Vintage Turkish Hereke Rug in Allover Pattern in Pale Yellow, Green, mauve, lavender 1866, 6' 4" x 10' 2",  3rd Quarter of the 1900s, Turkey

    Turkish Hereke 1866

    6' 4" x 10' 2"    A vintage Turkish Hereke room size rug in a beautiful "allover" pattern set in a pale yellow or apricot color field.  The field is gorgeously framed by a beautiful border in a pale mauve or lavender color with scrolling...

  • Vintage Turkish Oushak Area Rug in Medallion Pattern Pale Salmon, French Blue, Ivory , The Persian Knot, SKU 1876

    Oushak 1876

    3’ 9” x 5’ 3”    A beautiful Turkish Oushak area rug is from the mid 1900s in an open medallion pattern in an abrash pale salmon field with a cream color border.  The corner spandrels are in an abrash pale French...

  • Nain Habibian 1873, 4’ 10” x 7’ 5”, 4th Quarter of the 1900s, Persia

    Nain Habibian 1873

    4’ 10” x 7’ 5”      An extremely fine weave handwoven Nain area rug from the 4th quarter of the 1900s with a fine weave.   The rug has the signature of the “Habibian” which is considered one of...

  • Kerman Lavar 1872, 4’ 3” x 5’ 11”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, Persia

    Kerman Lavar 1872

    4’ 3” x 5’ 11”    A beautiful Kerman Lavar rug with a central medallion design from the late 1800s in pale yellow, red and black colors. The main field is in a pale yellow color with the corner spandrels in red. The rug...

  • Kashan 1868, 4’ 6” x 6’ 11”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s, Persia

    Kashan 1868

    4’ 6” x 6’ 11”     A beautiful Persian Kashan in a classic floral design from the early 1900s in Navy blue, French blue, ivory and rust red. The beautiful French blue accent color is used extensively throughout the...

  • Late 1800s Persian Farahan Sarouk Area Rug with Rust Red and French Blue Colors 1861, 4’ 6” X 6’ 8”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, NW Persia

    Farahan Sarouk 1861

    4’ 6” X 6’ 8”  Wonderful 19th Century Persian Farahan Sarouk area rug in floral pattern with rust red, French blue, and navy blue colors.  The field is in pink or rust red color with a central medallion in navy blue. The...

  • Camelhair Malayer 1863, 4’ 11” x 10’ 4”, 3rd Quarter of the 1900s

    Camelhair Malayer 1863

    4’ 11” x 10’ 4”     A gallery-size camelhair Persian Malayer from the mid-1900s.  The rug has an open field design with three medallions in navy blue color with geometric designs in baby blue, pink, and French...

  • 19th Century Persian Bidjar with Herati Design in Multi Shades of Pale Blue and Terracotta Red1784, 11’ x 18’ 9”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, The Persian Knot

    Bidjar 1784

    11' x 18' 9”    The oversized Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a great example of the art of Persian rug weaving from the last quarter of the 1800s. The Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a very unique and extremely desirable “Herati” design  in...

  • Vintage Turkish Silk Hereke Area Rug in Garden Pattern in Burgundy, Ivory, Blue, Green, The Persian Knot, SKU 1860

    Turkish Silk Hereke 1860

    3’ 1” x 5’ 2”    A beautiful Turkish all-silk or “silk on silk”  area rug with a "Garden Design".     The Rug is in the shade of rust-red field color with a design of flowers and birds, in...

  • Kazak 1859, 4’ 7” X 7’ 10”, 3rd Quarter of the 1800s

    Kazak 1859

    4’ 7” X 7’ 10”     A beautiful Kazak area rug is woven in the 3rd quarter of the 1800s.  The artistry and craftsmanship are clearly visible in the use of high-quality materials and dyes.  The rug has a...

  • Turkish Prayer 1852, 3’ 2” x 4’ 8”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Turkish Prayer 1852

    3’ 2” x 4’ 8”       A beautiful Anatolian village rug in a prayer rug design.  The rug was artistically woven in the early 1900s.  The use of natural organic vegetable dyes that mellow over time clearly...

  • Heriz Karajeh 1853, 1’ 11” X 2’ 10”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Heriz Karajeh 1853

    1’ 11” X 2’ 10”  A beautiful handwoven Persian Karajeh area rug from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s.  The rug has a traditional Karajeh design of 3 medallions design set in a cream color field with the medallions in green...

  • Tabriz Afshan 1858, 5' 10″ x 8' 5″, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Tabriz Afshan 1858

    5' 10″ x 8' 5″      This antique Tabriz rug is following the design of the Caucasian Kuba and Shirvan rugs from the 19th century in the "Afshan" design (stylized dragon and blossom).   The rug has a geometric all-over...

  • Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Area Rug in Panel Garden Design 1857, The Persian Knot, SKU 1857

    Bakhtiari Garden Panel 1857

    4’ 6” x 7’ 2"  A beautiful vintage Persian Bakhtiari area rug in garden panel design from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s in pale yellow, pink, French blue, and green. The design shows four panels of various flower design formats...

  • 19th Century Hand Woven Persian Bidjar Runner in Allover Paisley Pattern in Blue, Yellow, Red 1856,  The Persian Knot, SKU 1856

    Bidjar 1856

    2’ 4” x 9'    A 19th century hand woven Persian Bidjar runner has an allover pattern of  "variation" on the paisley form which is set on the abrash navy blue/French blue background with pale yellow and red borders.  The...

    Was: $3,900.00
    Now: $2,800.00