Gallery Rugs (5'x10' to 10'x30')

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  • Handwoven Persian Afshar Tribal Rug

    Afshar 1002

    5’ 9” x 11’ 10”      This gallery size rug was made by the Afshar tribes of southern Persia. This Afshar rug has an allover paisley pattern on the blue background with a predominantly cream color border.  This...

  • Agra 1694, 7’ 8″ x 15’, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Agra 1694

    7’ 8″ x 15’     Antique Indian Agra "Tree of Life" design from the 2nd quarter of the 1900s. The field has a Mogul court favorite design elements including the cypress trees, birds, and flowers.   The cypress...

  • Handwoven Turkish Kilim

    Anatolian kilim 1145

    4’ 11" x 13’    An Anatolian Kilim from the early 1900s.  This kilim has bright and beautiful colors in large design make this a unique Kilim from the Eastern Anatolian region by the Armenian weavers in the early part of the...

  • Ardebil 1334, 7’ 6” x 10’ 10”,  3rd Quarter 20th Century

    Ardebil 1334

    7’ 6” x 10’ 10”      The Ardebil carpet from NW Azerbaijan carpet comes with a cream color field with a tribal design of various birds. The central medallion in brick color adds a beautiful accent. The classic...

  • Persian Handwoven Bidjar Rug

    Bidjar 1006

    5’ 1” x 11’ 8”    This beautiful Kurdish/ Bidjar "Hashtrang"gallery size rug was woven in the Northwest Persia around the late 1800s. The rug combines elements from the color palette and design from both types of rugs...

  • Bidjar (Bijar) 1723, 6′ 5″ x 14′ 8", 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Bidjar 1723

    6′ 5″ x 14′ 8"     This Bidjar (Bijar) gallery (corridor) rug is a great example of the art of Persian rug weaving from the last quarter of the 1800s. The Bidjar (Bijar) rug is a very unique and extremely desirable abrash...

  • Bidjar 1832, 4′ 8″ x 8′ 7", 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Bidjar 1832

    4′ 8″ x 8′ 7"      This Persian Bidjar (Bijar) gallery (corridor) rug is in a medallion design woven in the early 1900s.  The Bidjar (Bijar) rug has a red or rust color field with a Herati design.  The field...

  • Vintage Persian Bidjar Gallery Rug in Geometric Pattern in Carnelian Red, Robin’s Egg Blue, The Persian Knot, SKU 1945

    Bidjar 1945

    4’ 5” x 9’ 3”       Late 19th century Persian Bidjar in a medallion geometric pattern.  The rug has an open field design set on a rich carnelian  red background with the central medallion in navy blue...

  • Handwoven Persian Bidjar Camelhair rug

    Bidjar Camelhair 1533

    5’ x 12’ 4”    This gallery size Persian Bidjar Camelhair carpet from the early 1900s has an allover paisley design. A beautiful abrash color brings this Bidjar Camelhair a sense of natural beauty to this masterpiece of...

  • Camelhair Malayer 1863, 4’ 11” x 10’ 4”, 3rd Quarter of the 1900s

    Camelhair Malayer 1863

    4’ 11” x 10’ 4”     A gallery-size camelhair Persian Malayer from the mid-1900s.  The rug has an open field design with three medallions in navy blue color with geometric designs in baby blue, pink, and French...

  • Vintage Persian Farahan Handwoven Rug

    Farahan 1001

    7’ x 16’ 4”     This beautiful Farahan gallery size rug was made in western Persia around the 4th quarter of the 19th Century. The Farahan gallery rug has a Herati pattern on the dark blue background with a predominantly...

  • Handwoven Persian Rug

    Farahan 1005

    5’ x 10’ 4”    This beautiful Farahan gallery size rug was made in North West Persia around the late 1800s. The main central medallion with two smaller medallions on each side resembles this to a Northwest Persian Heriz/Serapi...

  • Farahan 1324, 6’  8” x 12’ 5″, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Farahan 1324

    6’  8” x 12’ 5″    A true gem of fine Persian weavers' creation in a gallery or library size is from the late 1800s.  This extremely fine weave Farahan rug from Western Persia has a “Herati”...

  • Handwoven Persian Farahan Rug

    Farahan 1522

    6’ 7” x 19’ 1”    A masterpiece of Persian weaving from the mid-1800s. A Herati design field with a beautiful elongated medallion. The border has the repeated design set in a cream color. Dimensions:  6’...

  • Persian Farahan Handwoven rug

    Farahan 1527

    6′ 3″ x 19′ 9″        A Persian Farahan in an allover paisley design set in a dark blue field with a cream color main border.   A masterpiece of village weaving from the late 1800s ...

  • Hamadan 1330,5’ 5” x 12’ 2”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Hamadan 1330

    5’ 5” x 12’ 2”      The village of Hamadan in North West Persia produces some of the most beautiful rugs. This village weaving example has a geometric design with a large medallion.  The field color is dark...

  • Hamadan 1335, 7’4” x 12’ 8”, 3rd Quarter of the 1900s

    Hamadan 1335

    7’4” x 12’ 8”      A Persian Hamadan carpet with an ivory color field in an allover geometric design. The Hamadan rug has three columns of larger connected medallions separated by two columns of smaller...

  • Hamadan 1408, 4’ 6” x 11’ 4”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Hamadan 1408

    4’ 6” x 11’ 4”    The handwoven Persian Hamadan gallery rug is in the dark blue field color and has four large medallions in one column. The rest of the field has the design of birds similar to the design of Karabagh...

    MSRP: $4,900.00
  • Vintage Persian Hamadan Gallery Rug with Animal Designs in Bright Red Color 
1901, 5’ 7” x 10’ 4”, 3rd Quarter of the 1900s, The Persian Knot, SKU 1901

    Hamadan 1901

    5’ 7” x 10’ 4”      Vintage Persian Hamadan Gallery Rug with Animal Designs in Bright Red Color.   There is a very unique and wonderful design of birds throughout the field.  There are also designs of dogs...

  • Karabagh 1269, 5′ 9″ x 13′ 1″, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    karabagh 1269

    5′ 9″ x 13′ 1″    The Karabagh area in the Southern Caucasus region is known for some of the most beautiful kilims ever made. The color use and combination in Karabagh kilims resemble French impressionist paintings of...