Area Rugs (2'x3' to 5'x8')

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  • Kurdish 1288, 3' 4″ x 4' 11″, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s

    Kurdish 1288

    3' 4″ x 4' 11″    The beautiful small Kurdish tribal rug has a rich red color in the field which surrounds the central medallion which is in beautiful green color with small designs on the medallion. The beauty of the rug is further...

  • Kurdish 1406, 3’ 3" x 6’ 1”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish 1406

    3’ 3" x 6’ 1”    This beautiful Kurdish area rug is from western Persia around the late 1800s. The Kurdish rug has a variation on the paisley pattern which is set on a dark brick red background with a predominantly rust color...

  • Kurdish 1418, 4’ 8” x 9' 2",  4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Kurdish 1418

    4’ 8” x 9' 2"   This beautiful Kurdish gallery size rug was made by the Kurdish tribes in western Persia around the late 1800s. The paisley pattern on the blue background with a predominantly rust color border makes this Kurdish...

  • Handwoven Kurdish Rug

    Kurdish 1710

    3’ 10” x 8’ 4”     Kurdish rug with seven geometric medallions in a single column in the main field which is in blue, and rust colors. This Kurdish rug has design and the use of natural vegetable dyes as to the...

  • Kurdish Bidjar 1042, 3’ 7” x 4’ 9”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Kurdish Bidjar 1042

    3’ 7” x 4’ 9”     Beautiful Kurdish Bidjar area rug with abrash natural colors of wool.  It has a very simple but beautifully elegant diamond design.  The scattered addition of small tree forms shows the...

  • Vintage Kurdish Kilim in Allover Pattern in Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Red,  @thepersianknot  , SKU 1423

    Kurdish Bidjar 1423

    4’ 10” x 8’ 8”    Vintage flat-woven Kurdish kilim with one of the most beautiful and “ultra-modern” designs in brilliant colors of turquoise, green, yellow, ivory, red, and brown from the early 1900s NW...

  • 19th Century Persian Kurdish Bidjar in Allover Paisley Pattern in Pale Yellow, Ivory, Blue, The Persian Knot, SKU 1693

    Kurdish Bidjar 1693

    4’ 2” x 9' 2”     Late 19th Century Persian Kurdish Bidjar area rug in an allover pattern in a pale yellow, ivory, pink and blue colors.  The beautiful area rugs come in an allover small flower form pattern which is...

  • Vintage Persian Bidjar Area Rug in Allover Paisley in Navy Blue, Green, Yellow Colors 1734, The Persian Knot, SKU 1734

    Kurdish Bidjar 1734

    4’ 1” x 6' 3”    Vintage Persian Bidjar area rug in an allover paisley pattern in abrash navy blue, Ggeen, and saffron yellow colors circa the 4th Quarter of the 1800s.  This beautiful rug was woven by the Kurds in...

  • Vintage Kurdish Area Rug in Prayer Rug Pattern in Camelhair, Brick, Navy 1274, The Persian Knot, SKU 1274

    Kurdish Camelhair 1274

    3’ 1" x 4’ 10”       Vintage Kurdish tribal area rug in the "Prayer" pattern in camelhair, terracotta, navy circa the early 1900s.  The camelhair field of the rug has three main designs. There is a border...

    Was: $2,900.00
    Now: $1,450.00
  • Lilian 1184,  2’ 10” x 6’ 8”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Lilian 1184

    2’ 10” x 6’ 8”    A beautiful Persian Lilian wide runner or an area rug from the early 1900s.  The floral design of the rug is reminiscent of the beautiful stained glass windows in the great cathedrals of Europe...

  • Lilian 1187, 3’ x 6′ 6″,  1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Lilian 1187

    3' x 6’ 6”     The Lilian with a beautiful red color field has a floral design in the field with colors of green, yellow, blue, brown and others. Dimensions:  3' x 6’ 6” Date of Manufacture:  1st Quarter...

  • 19th Century Persian tribal Luri Bagface Repurposed as Nomadic Wall Art, The Persian Knot, SKU 1293

    Luri Bagface 1293

    2′ 8″ x 3′ 7″   19th century Persian tribal Luri Tribal bagface repurposed as nomadic wall art.  The Luri  (the tribal name for people in the Fars province of western Persia) tribal bagface is from the late...

  • Vintage Persian Mahal Sultanabad Rug in Allover Pattern in Navy Blue, Green, Red 1322, The Persian Knot, SKU 1322

    Mahal Sultanabad 1322

    4’ 3” x 6’ 8”  A vintage Persian Mahal Sultanabad area rug in an all over geometric pattern in navy blue, dark red, green, and French blue.   The Mahal Sultanabad area  rug has a midnight blue field color with large...

  • Vintage Turkish Mahal Sultanabad

    Mahal Sultanabad 1490

    3’ 10” x 6’     A vintage Turkish Mahal Sultanabad rug in an all-over design.  The rug is woven in the classic soumak style.  The field color in this Mahal Sultanabad rug is brick red with a navy blue border...

    MSRP: $3,900.00
  • Malayer 1039, 3’ 6” x 5’ 4”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Malayer 1039

    3’ 6” x 5’ 4”        A Persian Malayer area rug in an allover paisley design from the early 1900s.  The repeated paisley forms in green, blue, and cream colors are set in a navy blue field.  The rug...

    MSRP: $2,900.00
  • Malayer 1047, 4’ 6” x 6’ 1”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Malayer 1047

    4’ 6” x 6’ 1”     A Persian Malayer area rug in an allover paisley pattern from the early 20th century.  The rug has a navy blue field color with paisley forms in green, blue, yellow, and pink. The rug is...

  • Handwoven Persian Malayer Rug

    Malayer 1066

    2’ 5” x 2’ 9”    An extremely fine weaved Malayer rug in a near square shape.  The rug comes with allover paisley design placed in a red field and framed by a blue border. The irregular shapes and forms of the...

  • Vintage Persian Malayer in an All Over Herati Pattern set on an Abrash Navy Blue1158, 5’ 1” x 10’ 3”, 2nd Quarter of the 1900s, Persia

    Malayer 1158

    5’ 1” x 10’ 3”    Beautiful vintage Persian Malayer rug is in Herati allover design with a small central medallion.  The field is in an abrash navy blue color.  The Malayer rug has  a rust red color border...

  • Vintage Persian Malayer in Allover Herati Golfarang Design Area Rug from the Late 19th Century 1176, 4′ x 6′ 4″, 4th Quarter of the 1800s, The Persian Knot

    Malayer 1176

    4′ x 6′ 4″   Vintage Persian Malayer in an allover Herati design area rug from the late 19th Century. The Malayer rug has an allover Herati pattern design on a dark navy blue field and a cream color border with design colors...

  • Handwoven Persian Malayer

    Malayer 1248

    5' 1" x 7' 4"     A gorgeous Malayer rug from the early 1900s.  The small area rug set in a cream color field with a central medallion with a floral design.  The blue color border with a floral design in red,  pink, green,...