The Persian Knot

  • Baluch 1054,  4’ x 6’ 8”, 1st Quarter of the 1900s

    Baluch 1054

    4’ x 6’ 8”     The Baluch tribal rug from the southeast corner of Persia uses a dark red or rust color field with a combination of dark blue accent colors. The...

  • Handwoven Persian Baluch Rug

    Baluch 1295A

    1′ 6″ x 3′    The Baluch bag face from the early 20th century.  The Baluch tribes live in SW part of Persia and eastern Pakistan and use the vegetable dyes for the...

  • Baluch 1295B

    Baluch 1295B

    1'6" x 3'      The Baluch Kilim flatweave from the early 20th century.  This Baluch Kilim was originally the backing for a Baluch Grain Sack for storing and transporting grain...

  • Baluch 1554

    Baluch 1554

    2' 10" x 4' 6"    An early 1900s Persian Baluch rug in a "Prayer" design form.  Rarely found color and unique cream color field and the border with geometric designs throughout in...

  • Handwoven Persian Baluch Tribal rug

    Baluch 1555

    2' 8"x 4' 8"      A Persian Baluch area rug from the early 1900s. The rug has very fine and shiny wool and that provides a shimmering look to the rug.  The rug has a wool pile on...

  • Handwoven Persian Baluch Tribal Rug

    Baluch 1610

    3' 5" x 4' 3"     A Baluch Tribal Rug from Southwest Persia. The rug is in a "near square size" which is very desirable.   A beautiful geometirc design with red and brown...

  • Baluch 1775, 2’ 8” x 5’ 2”, 4th Quarter of the 1800s

    Baluch 1775

     2’ 8” x 5’ 2”       One of the most unique, colorful, and beautiful “three-dimensional” designs in an antique tribal rug.  The...

    MSRP: $5,900.00
  • Baluch Tribal Rug

    Baluch Prayer Rug 1178

    1’ 7” x 3’ 1″    A Small Baluch prayer rug from the Baluch Tribe from the Southwest Persia.  The rug has a beautiful design with design elements in cream and...

  • Persian Tribal Weaving

    Baluch Tribal Weaving 1631

    10" x 26"     A Baluch tribal weaving art.  This is a beautiful piece of tribal art that was woven for functional purposes.  This item was woven as the face of a small bag...

  • Handwoven Kilim Area Rug

    Bessarabian Kilim 1143

    4' 8” x 7’ 10”       A vintage Bessarabian kilim with a single flower bouquet in the field and variations of flower designs in the four corners.  The field...

  • Handwoven Kilim Rug

    Bessarabian Kilim 1360

    10’ 8” x 12’ 8”      A Room Size Bessarabian Turkish kilim in beautiful bright colors and design. The Kilim has a brilliant red color in the field and has the...

  • A handwoven kilim rug

    Bessarabian Kilim 1407

    7’ 4” x 10’ 5”    This Bessarabiand Kilim from the early 1900s has one of the most beautiful antique Turkish kilim in our collection. The brilliant red, pink, blue,...